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We Care Indy is an organization that aims to provide young people aged 14-19 with mentoring, employment, and career development opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to create career centers in our community that offer diverse training programs for different career paths. This year we are primarily focusing on media training and entrepreneurship programs, which include training in areas such as videography, photography, video editing, graphics, lighting, audio, social media, marketing, website development, and business plan writing.

Since 2014, We Care Indy has mentored and employed over 200 at-risk youth in Indianapolis. Many of the youth come from high crime index where the risk is over 50% higher than any other area in Indiana.


At We Care Indy, we believe that character development is as important as career training. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive mentoring program that covers conflict resolution skills, S.M.A.R.T. goal setting, financial literacy, character building, leadership development, job and college readiness, time management, group work skills, and mental health awareness. We believe that these skills will not only help young people succeed in their careers but also in their personal lives.


We Care Indy Media Production

We Care Indy believes in empowering our youth by showing them a path toward a career in media production. With our guidance, they can channel their creativity and passion for media into a fulfilling profession. Join us in bringing their dreams to life!

What is Media Production?

Media production is an exhilarating and creative field that involves the creation of visual, audio, and textual content through film and sound. We Care Indy students pursuing media production learn the fundamental skills of shooting videos and photographs, video production, graphics, web development, editing videos, and the art of visual storytelling. They also learn the basics of sound and lighting production. They create various forms of visual media, such as commercials, documentaries, promotions, marketing content, short films, and live streams. These media forms are then aired on television, shared on blogs, posted on social media, and broadcasted on podcasts and radio. With the increasing number of active internet users, various forms of media are in high demand, making it crucial for youth to have an in-depth understanding of media production to launch their media careers. Find out about career pathways for Media Production

Our Mission

Our Mission

Building the self - image of our youth by connecting them to caring mentors, teaching them to serve our community, and to provide employment opportunities.


Our Vision

Empowering Our Youth By Providing Holistic Mentoring and Employment Opportunities

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